A Successful Bake Sale

HELLO! I realize I have not blogged in a while but time has completely gotten away from me lately! I have blogged for PRowl and for Her Campus but not for myself.

As I sit finishing procrastinated work as most of my Sundays end, I think about the week ahead and realize that tomorrow, as usual on Mondays, I have a bake sale to raise money for Tree House Books! The plate of brownies is taunting my in my kitchen but I realize I should save them for people actually paying for them…Image

I have worked tons of bake sales and some go well and others you leave with $5 for your cause but now that it has been 2 years, I consider myself an expert and here is how to have the best bake sale possible!

  1. Know your audience- Every other Monday for the Young Friends of Tree House Books, we have bake sales in Tyler School of Art. Each week, students know we will be there and we try to cater to the needs of people who come each week to support our cause. Students typically ask for gluten free or vegan foods, although we cannot always have that, and we are still working on perfecting this taste, we want to have it available so they can support us and we can give them what they want! Also, with the changes of seasons, we change what we offer. Everyone is crazy about pumpkin in the fall, hot apple cider and even more warmed spiced products for the winter month. If you have what they want, they will pay for it!
  2. Location, location, location- For different student organizations, we have bake sales at different places on and around campus. In the student center atrium, many students are going in and out at a fast pace and there is always more than one bake sale going on. This is not prime location because students have options, are not likely to stop by because you cannot properly advertise and many students are going in to use their meal plan and they are not likely to cash of their own. Tyler School of Art, as well as the Bell Tower, are great spaces because you are the only one there, there is a large flow of traffic but more students are likely to stop because it is convenient.
  3. Remember, they are supporting you- Be polite to your customers, they are supporting you! Always cut them a deal and help them out, lets be honest, sometimes it is ridiculous to pay $1 for a small baked god, so throw them 2 =) Also, be informative, tell them what your organization is and how they are supporting you as well as how much it means to you. We are all students or members of Temple University, so help each other out!

Bake sales take over college campuses and are a great way to fund raise if executed well. Reach out to your friends to support you, but do not annoy them every time you have one, it gets old pretty quick, my friends still make fun of me for harassing them! Have fun, make a baking party out of it and remember why you are having the sale, to raise money for a cause, so you are doing a great job, keep it up!

Until the next time baked goods are screaming from my kitchen to eat them, bye!


About Bake Sales and Boot Camp

I am Brianna Rooney and I just finished my sophomore year at Temple University where I am studying public relations and French. This past year at Temple I learned so much, particularly of my interest for non-profit public relations through volunteering at Tree House Books. I am the secretary of Young Friends of Tree House Books where Temple students fund-raise for Tree House as well as on the executive board of Temple's chapter of PRSSA where I serve as the Historian/ Alumni Relations chair as well as a staff member of PRowl Public Relations. As I learn more about myself, and what I want to do with my future, I will be sharing it here, all of my experiences, whether finding a new recipe or a great internship, I cannot wait to share it with you!
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