Making a splash…getting back into the pool

So right before I came back to school, I re-injured my knee in a different place, putting a huge damper on my new hobby of running, so I have resorted to lots of arms and abs exercises and jump roping as cardio. This was not doing it for me, so I figured I should go back to what I know best as a cardio workout, swimming.

Today was the second early morning swim I have done being back at school and it felt…oddly incredible. Although kicking hurts my knee, what else is new, I can still get in a workout and be in what I still consider my natural atmosphere. When my alarm went off, I was tempted to hit snooze and sleep until I needed to wake up for my internship but instead, I hit snooze on the little voices in my head doubting my dedication and got up and went to the pool. I never thought I would miss early morning fall commutes to the pool but it felt crisp and refreshing starting my day early and with a great workout, (mind you the walk home in the rain was not as enjoyable).

I am quickly learning my body is not in the swimming shape it was even a year ago, but I am anxious to get there. After a long pull set, it felt as though my arms may fall off, a feeling I weirdly miss. Even though the amount of yards I did today would be a joke to what I would do in 1 morning practice in high school, I still got up and did it!

As I lay in bed exhausted, swimming at 8am makes for a long day no matter what you do, I am realizing that getting back in the pool is the start of more than just a new workout for me. I am starting a new page, a new outlook on life; I am happy, anxious for the future but living contently in the present and doing anything and everything I can. My internship is looking up, I am planning events, volunteering at events, kicking butt in my classes and figuring out how to be the best version of myself and loving every second of the journey!

Until next time…making a splash in the pool and everywhere else!


About Bake Sales and Boot Camp

I am Brianna Rooney and I just finished my sophomore year at Temple University where I am studying public relations and French. This past year at Temple I learned so much, particularly of my interest for non-profit public relations through volunteering at Tree House Books. I am the secretary of Young Friends of Tree House Books where Temple students fund-raise for Tree House as well as on the executive board of Temple's chapter of PRSSA where I serve as the Historian/ Alumni Relations chair as well as a staff member of PRowl Public Relations. As I learn more about myself, and what I want to do with my future, I will be sharing it here, all of my experiences, whether finding a new recipe or a great internship, I cannot wait to share it with you!
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One Response to Making a splash…getting back into the pool

  1. nikimianni says:

    Love this post, Bri! Keep up the amazing outlook you have on life.

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