I’M ACCEPTED!!…now what?!


Late last night I was accepted to study abroad in Paris for the spring semester!! I was wide awake because I am super sick and got the email and almost screamed- but quickly realized I would wake up 6 sleeping girls. Because no one in my house was awake to celebrate the good news, I tweeted it and made it my Facebook status to feel good about myself- and boy, 117 likes later, I feel GREAT!!

My application process was pretty stressful and thorough, including a language assessment and much more since I am doing an external program not through Temple- but it is all worth it because I am going to PARIS!

Just when I thought all the hard work was done, I was bombarded with an email from my program saying I still had 11 things to do before I left- yikes! I scrolled through the list to prioritize and figure out what I needed to do immediately.

1. Confirmation and form of agreement- As expected, they want some money for me to hold my spot! I am sending this in tonight and as for my form of agreement, my parents need to sign this, so I am headed home Friday to get it all together! These forms are due by November 15 so it is pertinent that I do them ASAP and have a spot in the program!

2. Apply for a visa–uh without it I can’t go for more than 3 months so I must!

3. Apply for housing- I did this today. My program offers apartment style living as well as home stays and I placed apartment style living as my number 1. This has been a decision in the making- there were pros and cons to both and although I would love to live in a house where only French was spoken, I heard some horror stories about home stays, I made the choice to do apartment style. This is not official yet, so I could still end up with a family!

Of course this is not all 11 forms but they are most important! Today I worked on filling out medical reports, uploading my passport information and filling out a sheet to do an internship abroad! Even though it is an optional form, it is certainly something I am interested in doing, so I want to kick start the process as soon as possible!

As I fill out more and check more tasks off my list, I will keep you posted, until them, au revoir!



About Bake Sales and Boot Camp

I am Brianna Rooney and I just finished my sophomore year at Temple University where I am studying public relations and French. This past year at Temple I learned so much, particularly of my interest for non-profit public relations through volunteering at Tree House Books. I am the secretary of Young Friends of Tree House Books where Temple students fund-raise for Tree House as well as on the executive board of Temple's chapter of PRSSA where I serve as the Historian/ Alumni Relations chair as well as a staff member of PRowl Public Relations. As I learn more about myself, and what I want to do with my future, I will be sharing it here, all of my experiences, whether finding a new recipe or a great internship, I cannot wait to share it with you!
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2 Responses to I’M ACCEPTED!!…now what?!

  1. Very exciting! That is something I always wanted to do back in my college years. You will love living here!!!

  2. nikimianni says:

    Congratulations lady!!! That’s so exciting. I want to come visit! 🙂

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