Fashion Buns and Comfortable Shoes

To say this week was hectic, would be a complete understatement…and it is only Thursday night!! The beginning of the week was busy as usual but yesterday, starting at noon, I was non-stop until right now, where I am sitting waiting for edits for homework and reviewing French, but I will take what I can get!

Opening Night- I intern at the Wilma Theater in the development department, so opening night of a show is the night of all nights for us!! Most of my work to this point was for opening night, so seeing everything come together was incredible as well as meeting all the people I hear about and print envelopes day in and day out! To sum up the night in 1 word, I would say ongoing. I got out of class at 3, rushed home, threw on a dress, struggled with a sock bun (trying to be Lauren Conrad), filled a bag with band aids, phone charger and all things necessary for a night and was out the door to by 3:25. I think I set a few records but was quickly slowed down due to the subway not running and having to take a bus to a subway…thank you as always SEPTA! Once I arrived, I was quickly put to work, putting final touches on everything and getting ready for our guests to arrive! I walked over, bag filled with name tags and tickets, to FISH restaurant for the VIP per-party, where I walked people to the courtyard and met many board members who were anxious to learn more about me! With the look from my boss, I was quickly on my way back to the Wilma to meet the caterers, thank goodness I wore flats, and I was at it again! Once the guests arrived and began watching the play, we transformed the lobby for the after party! After a 3 hour and 45 minute play, everyone was ready and eager to dig into the food and have a few drinks. With multiple tables of food, cheese, desserts and lots of wine and beer, I was busy cleaning up and making sure everything was replenished. The play and the party were getting rave reviews from everyone involved, seeing the event come together and being such a success was more than I could ever ask for and an incredible experience. As the dance party started, I looked at my watch an saw it was 2:15, time for me to leave after 10 hours, I could no longer keep up and a cab was outside to deliver my back to North Philly for a much needed night of sleep!

Fashion Show- That night of sleep, yeah not too long as my alarm quickly sounded at 8 am and I was up, doing homework then off to the Wilma for clean up and more filing! Although the day dragged on, I knew it was because I was looking forward to working behind the scenes at the Macy’s fashion show after I was done for the day! A friend gave my name to the right person and bam, I got a gig backstage dressing models at a fashion show! Dressed in all black and comfortable shoes (hey, do I want to be like Lauren Conrad or something?), me and my 2 friends arrived ready to go and were quickly put to work! I steamed, pulled outfits and got models ready for their 1st looks! I was in charge of 2 models who compared this show to a walk in the park- being from New York and having done some major shows! They told me I was doing a great job as I buckled shoes, hooked bracelets and made sure their fur was on correctly! It was such a great experience, I met some amazing people, was able to see the behind the scenes work that goes into a fashion show and get paid while doing it!! After we cleaned up, returned shoes, accessories and clothes to where they belonged in Macy’s and we were on our way!

The past 2 days have been lots of standing, running around and constantly moving, so after a nice dinner downtown, I was so excited to come back to my apartment. My roommate bought me Reese’s cups and had them waiting on my desk, she knows me well. So as I snack on them and finish up some homework, I am beyond ready for a great night of sleep, I am even skipping the gym in the morning so I can sleep in and relax!!

And hey, its almost Friday, so enjoy it and have a laugh!

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Happy Friday


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What is in your bag?

As a PR girl, I tend to be a little crazy with supplies and organization. Today, the boy sitting next to me in class was staring as I wrote my homework in my planner with different colored pens for different subjects and activities. This does not seem too crazy to me but he was blown away and made fun of me for the remainder of class but hey, next time you need a pen, do not even think about asking me!

If one were to empty the contents of my backpack, you may think I am preparing to backpack across the whole world or preparing for the world to end, but no, just a day in the life of Brianna, the PR student constantly on the go!

1. My planner– I simply could not survive without my planner, it is my bible and key to my sanity. On days I forget to bring it, its comparable to forgetting to put on pants, I am lost, confused and flustered. Within my planner, I have my homework written down, future assignments as well as group meetings, social events and interning events. As you can see, without it, I am not sure what to do, where to go and when to go there! An organized planned is KEY to surviving anything and keeping everything in line and never double booking anything!

2. Writing Utensils– I may have been mocked for having multiple colored pens but they, along with my highlighters, pencils and sharpies have come in handy multiple times. At my internship I was labeling and making all new folders, conveniently in my bag I have a black sharpie to make them look as good and neat as possible, since the 1 pencil on my desk in “intern village” wasn’t cutting it! I believe having more is never a problem, only a solution and makes you look prepared or even proactive!

3. Notebooks- I have a notebook for all my classes, student organizations as well as my internship. I need to make sure I have the appropriate notebook for each day because they are in constant use. At student organization meetings, I am the secretary and it is my job to write down the minutes so people do not miss out, random sheets of paper stuffed in different folders in not efficient for me to do my job and look back on past meetings. Also, the most important place to have my notebook is my internship. I am constantly given tasks and jobs to complete but it is impossible for me to remember everything I am told, so I write it down! In addition to writing down tasks, I have been able to sit in on meetings, where I learned more about the theater and inner workings that I wanted to be able to reference at a later date. When it doubt, write it down!

Along with my planner, multi-colored writing utensils and my notebooks, I always have hand sanitizer (I use public transportation), my phone charger, tissues, bobby pins, reusable water bottle in the side pocket and of course, a pack of fruit snacks and a Special K meal bar, in case I get hungry when the world ends!

What type of backpack do you use? What is it in and how do you prepare for a regular day?


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Babysitting…at a wedding

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to babysit at a wedding! Everyone thought I was babysitting while the parents went to the wedding for the evening, but nope, I was invited to the ceremony and party!

I have become very close with the family that lives across the street from me as well as their extended family, therefore scoring an invite to the mom’s sisters, Toby Lightman (shes famous) wedding! I have met Toby and her now husband(!!!) Pete multiple times at the kids birthdays and various occasions and could see their love growing for each other as well as Luke and Beck, the little boys, each time I met them. The boys, Luke who is 7 and Beck who just turned 3, had very important jobs as the ring bearers in their adorable matching outfits. The wedding was in the suburbs of Philadelphia at a gorgeous bed and breakfast and winery that had an old school farm feel but also contemporary, hip, New York feel that sums up Toby and Pete well. Although the weather was not perfect, it did not stop the incredible ceremony, moved under a tent, from happening and tears filling the room. Their friends and family gave their blessings, Pete broke the glass, they said I do and became husband and wife- a true fairy tale. 

So sorry for the previous sounds like I was simply at a family members wedding and not babysitting, which is exactly how it felt! During cocktail hour I assumed my duties, keeping the boys occupied, fed and happy so their parents could socialize. Luckily, the weather cleared up enough and we were able to walk around outside in search of the cat that lives on the farm. I was willing to walk far and wide (I wore flats, prepared babysitter) in order to keep them busy and away from the grown ups! As we moved upstairs for the reception, the band started playing and the kids couldn’t stop dancing! A few tears here and there (some from the kids, mostly from me since the speeches were so beautiful and the room glowed with love), the wedding was a huge party! Once again, you’re probably wondering why I am at the wedding, and I am still curious of the question…When the boys are around their mom, they tend to ignore me, not listen and simply want their mom, which is something I cannot help but the parents did not seem to mind and reassured me I was doing a great job…phew!

At the end of a long, long day, without naps for both boys, they were practically falling asleep on the dance floor, I took them to their hotel room and got them ready for bed. I was with them for maybe 15 minutes before the parents came back and were done for the night, paid me and sent me on my way…

Not that I am complaining about any of the above but I personally think they easily could have done without me, since their entire family was helping the whole time but my mom said that just having me there as a reassurance they had someone accounting for them at all times was worth it.


Handsome boys, picture from their mom!

Well, hey, if you know anyone getting married and needs a babysitter, send them my way, I clean up well and love to dance =)

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1 week down, too many to go!

This past week was my first week of classes and I already was in desperate need for this long weekend! Not that classes were bad, they were far from that, but getting in the school mode is taking a little longer than usual! Although it is taking a little to get into a rhythm, my first week was so good and I cannot wait for the rest of the semester and seeing what it will bring! I have 5 classes this semester and every single class is of interest of me (how often does that happen?!) and I cannot wait to learn from them!

1. French Composition- this class may or may not kick my butt completely but it is just what I need as I prepare myself for spending ALL of spring semester in PARIS! It is refreshing to see familiar faces in this class as I know I will probably struggle at points within the semester.

2. Persuasion- this class is required for my major but I am also very interested and excited for my teacher and the people in my class, I already befriended the girl who sits next to me- she seems welcoming and not too annoyed by me yet!

3. Kids, Community and Controversy- right, say what?! This is my second urban education class (and a general education class) and I am BEYOND excited for it! Throughout the semester we will look at so many issues that plague urban education and city schools, with much focus on the Philadelphia School Systems, I am ready to learn as much as possible and be able to apply it to everything I have learned at Tree House Books and become a more aware member of the community.

4. American Social Movements and Campaigns- this is one of my night classes, my first night class ever, but I think it will fly by (well, hopefully!). We already have a paper due tomorrow, I finished it up today and going into the class I did not think I had such strong political views and views on social issues but after writing a position paper, I realized I have strong views…but it should make for a good class and I have friends in it, always a plus! As long as I don’t get too distracted!

5. Fundamentals of PR writing- this is another night class but I am already looking forward to meeting next week! In our first class alone, I think I may have learned and gotten better advice than I have in 2 years taking PR classes at Temple. Our teacher works at the Philadelphia Zoo, so all of her experience is first hand and real- making it easier to imagine and put into perspective. I cannot wait to learn a lot in this class, perfect my writing and really learn what it takes to be a PR professional.

Along with all of these classes, I am keeping busy with my internship, which I am slightly obsessed with, PRSSA, Young Friends, PRowl and trying to stay in shape, even though I re-injured my knee! With always a lot on my plate, I still manage to make room for a cupcake!


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London 2012

The Olympics are over and it is quite upsetting, what am I supposed to do with my nights from now on? Such an incredible past 2 weeks, watching athletes compete and hearing their amazing stories, so moving in many ways!

Here is how we celebrated…


Olympic torch cupcakes!


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Homemade Play Dough!

I have been working for 6 weeks now and I am quickly running out of things to do with my 9 hour days so I have been searching Google and Pinterest for ideas! The other day we tried to make homemade play dough! It was simple and easy, flour, salt and water with some food coloring and was going all as planned until we decided to step it up! Adding tonic water to anything will make it glow under a black light so we thought this was a great idea! Little did we know, it would make the play dough slimy and gross…oh well, better luck next time!

Pre-tonic water!




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